Routine Maintenance/Preventive Maintenance
Tech Formula Medical systems LLC develop , implement, and manage scheduled preventive maintenance programs to provide customers with labeled equipment and proper documentation including calibration certificate, planned preventive maintenance checklist and maintenance policies etc..
Tech Formula medical systems ensures a quality maintenance programs to all our customers complies with the international standards such as JCI and ISO.
Our company also provides a full support on medical equipment management for the inspections conducted by Ministry of Health and Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD).

Calibration/Performance Verification of Biomedical Equipments
We provide quality biomedical equipment calibration certification to our costumers. When using a measuring instrument in any process, you must be confident that your results are accurate and within specification. Calibration verifies and documents measurement equipment performance so you can be certain your processes meet requirements. Our calibration and validation services ensures.
  • Adjustments to factory specifications
  • Accurate, reliable and traceable results
  • Operation to regulatory requirements
  • Optimization of equipment settings
  • Highest-quality certification documentation
All the testing/reference equipments used by Tech formula medical systems are high quality and internationally certified. All the Traceability certificates will be given to our costumers along with the calibration certificates. Our Biomedical calibration programs are designed to satisfy Health authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) standards.

Installation/Repairing of Biomedical Equipments
We undertake breakdown repair services of biomedical equipments. All the repairs can be carried out onsite at your premises or at fully equipped workshops*.Tech Formula Medical System LLC offers critical/emergency equipment response program (On call services including emergency response procedures). We also undertake annual maintenance contact of biomedical equipments which includes breakdown maintenance, Preventive maintenance, safety checks and calibration.

Healthcare Project Management
We are providing comprehensive support to new and existing hospitals for its upcoming projects. Our project management team assists our clients for designing, installation and commissioning of their projects.

Biomedical Inventory Managing Systems
Medical equipment inventory is a list of equipments/Devises/Instruments on-hand which includes the details of type, quantity, equipment specifications, risk categorization, Details of responsible staff member, Scheduled (planned) preventive maintenance needs, Updated supplier contact information and operating status. Equipment inventory is an essential part of an effective healthcare technology management system, which assist to build and support a successful clinical engineering department in a healthcare facility. It also helps to develop budget for capital purchase, maintenance and running cost of medical equipment.
Tech Formula Medical system LLC implements unique software based biomedical equipment management software (TsoFt) to improve biomedical inventory management activities in a healthcare facility.

18th October 2011
Tech Formula Medical system proudly announces it launch in UAE Healthcare market. With support of fully quipped...
18th October 2011
Tech Formula Medical system implements a unique software (TsoFt) to improve Biomedical inventory Maintenance management...
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